"Mending broken hearts and parts since 1979"

Karen's "Loved to Pieces" Antique Doll Hospital ~ Antique Doll Repair & Restoration


Preserving and restoring your doll is a wonderful way to pass love through the generations. Many dolls are restored due to their monetary value, but at Loved To Pieces Doll Hospital, we believe that every doll has value, especially those with family histories and sentimental attachments. 

Karen has two dolls that belonged to her grandmother, and they remind her of her "Nana" and the wonderful hours spent having tea parties and special times together.  Although her Nana has passed away many years ago, Karen is surrounded by her love every day through her dolls. 

Shirley Temple

"Stand Up and Cheer"

Shirley Temple

"Pleated Organdy"

Maypole "Wendy"

Madame Alexander

"Princess Margaret Rose"

 To discuss your patient's ailments, please call Doctor Karen at (302) 875-4851 or e-mail: dolldoctorkaren@netscape.net

Services range from restringing to complete restoration and re-costuming.  Consultations are free, and office hours are by appointment only.  We happily accept local and long-distance patients. 

Cissette "Chapel Bride"


Loved to Pieces Doll Hospital

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